Guiding Principles

  • Create community of regional schools/districts working to transform systems grounded in philosophies of deeper learning and learner-centered education.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration, sharing and learning around various learner-centered models: Competency, personalization, maker, PBL, design thinking, etc.
  • Expand the practices and integration of computer science, computational thinking, and STEAM.
  • Develop an ecosystem of practice the brings together regional expertise to expand, unify, and provide equitable opportunities for all students and teachers.
  • Catalyze
  • Enable
  • Unite
  • Sustain
  • Empowering people. Transforming education. Prospering futures.

Communities of Partnership:

      • K-12 School Districts
      • Intermediate Units
      • Universities
      • Companies and Industry
      • Start-ups
  • Cultivating a connected community rooted in innovation and equity that is equipped to meet the challenges of the future, engaged in rigorous and meaningful learning experiences, and empowered to create world-changing contributions.
  • People: Growth over fixed. Invested learners.
  • Partnership: Collaboration over competition. Better together.
  • Policy: Equity over equality. Pervasive advocacy.
  • Progress: Tomorrow over today. Future ready.